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My son has Autism, Dyslexia and learning difficulties. The tutor has really helped Blake to progress with his reading and writing. His confidence has improved no end. Lizzie is very reassuring and makes the lessons fun, so Blake looks forward to his lesson every week.
7 years old
Lila has been attending support for over a year now and her reading and writing have improved considerably. Most of all it has given Lila the confidence to read and write. She currently read out loud in an assembly at school, something she would not have done previously. The teaching is excellent and Lila looks forward to coming every Wednesday.
9 years old
Since coming to for support, my son has improved with his writing, spelling, English and Maths. However, the most remarkable difference is with his confidence to have a go at things. I drive over an hour every week and I would double that with everything my son gains from his lessons. The highly skilled team are amazing!
Parent of a child
11 years old
Thanks so much for helping me with my reading. I have really enjoyed my lessons with you my teacher. I will miss you.

Card received from a student
11 years old

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