The Founders

Who are the Blue Sky Dyslexia team?

The Blue Sky Dyslexia Team

We are a team of specialist tutors and assessors, with an extensive background of knowledge and experience working in the area of specific learning differences. We have previous experience of working for Dyslexia Action, as lead teachers and Principals throughout the United Kingdom. Each of us has different specialities and backgrounds. Collectively we are a team that can provide advice and support for people that may be struggling with a learning difficulty. We have spent time researching the availability and provision of specialist support around the UK.

We understand that not all parents know how to find specialist support, or an assessment and so created a website that can steer parents and teachers to the most appropriate place. We know that there are pockets of the UK that either do not have specialists or if they do, they are not widely known about, making it difficult for parents and individuals to get the information or support they are seeking.

Catherine Wright APC MA AMBDA Dip in SpLD (Dyslexia) BPS MDG CCET Cert Ed
Hazel Warner
Hazel Warner BSc Hons, PGCE, PGC SEN, PGD SpLD, AMBDA, MDG
Sarah Meredith BA Hons, PGCE, Dip RSA(SpLD), AMBDA, MDG, APC

With this in mind, Blue Sky Dyslexia was formed, which is an online platform providing a one-stop-shop for parents, educational establishments, workplaces  and assessors. We believe that the future for 1:1 specialist tuition is the provision of access for parents to find local tuition or online facilities, using interactive technology.

In addition, Blue Sky Dyslexia will provide a professional platform for tutors and assessors to advertise themselves on a trusted website that will also offer high-quality support in the form of professional advice, teaching resources, video courses and access to quarterly newsletters providing up to date information and guidance on new research, technology and resources.

Blogs posts

We have a series of interesting blogs for parents, schools, teacher and consultant psychologists that will help to keep up to date.