Dyslexia Show

In May and June, the Dyslexia Show delivered many webinars that were interesting or teachers and parents. I have been working my way through all os the webinars every one becomes more interesting. Thank you to Arran Smith for bringing together the presenters. I do hope that the Dyslexia Show in Birmingham in September is able to go ahead I would strongly advise teacher and parents try there best to visit for the two days. Blue Sky Dyslexia is hoping to be there. My favourite webinars are the Microsoft talk in June and John Hicks discussion about self-esteem for Dyslexic students in May. I was also impressed by Guy Brewers approach to coaching for adults dyslexic people in the workplace and Finton discussing ADHD. All the presenters were leading professionals in their field. Judy Hornigold and Steve discussed Dyscalculia, alongside Pete Jarrett. These are all well worth listening to or watching for anyone that teachers maths or has a child with maths difficulties. Teachers and parents, please access all these fantastic talks to give you new ideas and the support you or your child really needs. See you at the Dyslexia Show face to face 🙂 When you have that opportunity to spend some time to listen to a webinar or watch it, these are the webinars to access.

To access recordings use this link https://dyslexiashow.co.uk/virtual-may/dyslexia-show-virtual-may-2020

Access code: DSVACC

Please click on the link below to access all of the recordings using the password https://dyslexiashow.co.uk/june-virtual/june/

Password: DSVJACC