Case Studies

Case Studies

Tuition and assessments can make a real difference to a child or adult's life experiences of education and learning. Please read our real life case studies of children and adults we have worked with and made a huge difference this support has made to their lives.

West Midlands


Co-occurring difficulties can be supported to get the student to reach their potential

Oscar started tuition at the age of 6 years old. He has a diagnosis of Dyslexia and Autism. Oscar could not access school as he became too anxious and his behaviour deteriorated. After 2 years of school ( he started school in Reception at 4 years old), his mother decided to home school him. Oscar then received an Education Health Care plan which entitled him to a personal budget...

North West Centre

Self esteem and self confidence can be the first thing a parent notices.

Becky started a programme of tuition with us at the age of 8 years. At her initial assessment session, we saw a young lady who was absolutely bewildered by the use of phonics. She was confused even by single letters of the alphabet. She had been experiencing a great deal of failures with her literacy over the last few years, which had had a major impact on her self-esteem. ..

Blue Sky Dyslexia was contacted by a large London based banking company because they had an employee who was struggling to keep up with certain work deadlines. The employee found it difficult reading emails and writing reports and he also struggled to take effective notes in meetings. He was losing confidence, resulting in the onset of stress and anxiety…



Since the age of seven, Harvey mother knew there were some difficulties with Harvey’s literacy. Harvey found it easier to read when he used a felt tip pen and he also found using cream paper easier to read. 

Harvey’s mother accessed support from a specialist private tutor from the age of 8. .. 

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