Exam Access Arrangements

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Exam Access Arrangements

In most public/professional examinations, special arrangements are permitted, in line with the Equality Act 2010, to allow a more level playing field for those with a specific learning difficulty, reading or writing difficulties and other physical or cognitive conditions that might impact on processing speed. 

Access Arrangements – Information for students and parents

Access arrangements are ‘reasonable adjustments’ which ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and enables individuals with a disability or a special educational need that significantly affects them in their learning/work, to demonstrate their ability in examinations.  

Access arrangements

  • Do not change the skills or knowledge being tested

  • Must not give an unfair advantage

  • Do give a level playing field so the individual can more effectively demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills

Evidence must be obtained for access arrangements through appropriate testing and also from the individual’s usual way of working.

In GCSE and A’ Level exams, application for certain arrangements is made using the evidence gathered from testing and normal way of working. Testing can take place in schools, colleges or at our Blue Sky centres. The assessor administering these tests must have formal approval from the school or college and follow the strict rules set my the awarding body. 

Please note: assessments that have been carried out without prior contact or consent with the school/college cannot be used for access arrangements.

Please contact the school/college’s SENDCo if you have any concerns and they will be happy to advise. It is important to note that the school/college SENDCo is the authority on what, if any, arrangements are suitable for your child. 

The Exam Access Arrangement report will provide specific details and recommendations for examinations which could include:

  • Additional time

  • Support for reading (e.g. a reader, a reading pen)

  • Support for writing (e.g. a scribe, a word processor)

  • Supervised rest breaks

  • A separate room

  • A prompter

Schools and Colleges

The assessment for exam access arrangement usually takes about one hour. Schools and colleges that do not have the appropriately qualified staff to administer these assessments may contact Blue Sky Dyslexia to arrange these tests. The assessor will work in partnership with the educational institution in order to carry out the assessment.  

Workplace/Professional Qualifications

Exam arrangements can also be put in place for professional qualifications and evidence is obtained through testing, either via a full diagnostic assessment or an exams arrangements test. 

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