Workplace Consultations and Needs Assessments

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Workplace Consultations and Needs Assessments

This service offers a full diagnostic assessment undertaken for employees who are struggling to keep up with their work duties because of the introduction of new processes, or who may be on or at risk of, performance management intervention.

Assessors will usually administer the assessment at the place of work, which might include an interview with the line manager as well as observation of the employee at their work station, to get first-hand information on the difficulties they are experiencing.

Two reports are written. One is a comprehensive report for the individual, which includes more detailed information about the employee. The second report is an Executive Summary written for the employer. This provides information on the main issues, a diagnosis if there is one and a list of bespoke reasonable adjustments.

For employees who already have a diagnostic report, we can undertake a Workplace Needs Assessment, which involves a visit to the workplace to identify the issues causing the employee to underperform. We provide a bespoke report with suggestions for reasonable adjustments to help the employee work more effectively.

Dyslexia in the Workplace Awareness Presentations

Blue Sky Dyslexia believes that a diverse workplace benefits all. People with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties have unique strengths that contribute to the growth and overall success of businesses. These strengths include creativity and an ability to think outside the box. 

We are all aware of the high number of undiagnosed adults in the workplace who struggle on a daily basis to perform to their potential and they may worry about their future within their organisation, which in turn causes stress and anxiety. The subsequent sickness absences, performance management programmes and disciplinary meetings will have an adverse and damaging impact on the individuals involved and ultimately on the whole organisation.

We believe that most employers want to be as supportive as they can, but managers may not know enough about the signs of dyslexia and other learning difficulties, or what measures can be taken to help support their colleagues. We can provide bespoke presentations, training and workshops to help employers look after their staff and implement reasonable adjustments in line with the Equality Act 2010.

These sessions can be tailor made to suit your requirements. For example we can offer one hour lunchtime talks, or longer workshops for staff development days.

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